SatSpy Known Bug List (12 August, 2001)

No piece of software is perfect and SatSpy is no exception. As problems are found, I will report them here.  In general, fixes to problems will be available with the next incremental upgrade. Significant problems that inhibit your ability to use the program will be fixed more quickly and released as a "patch".  I will also publish work-arounds for less serious problems here..

If you find a problem, please send me a bug report e-mail message so I can post it.  When you send your report, please include (as much as possible) the following information:

New Bug Reports

  1. None

Latest Bug Patch (Version 4.03) - 20 March, 2001

Instructions:  This patch is for SatSpy 4.0 and contains one file:  satspy4.exe.  Make a backup copy of your current file before begining. Download "" and extract the new files.  Replace the old version of files with the new files. By default, SatSpy was installed in "c:\Program Files\SatSpy4\".  If you installed into different folder, look there for the executable file.  Once you have updated your files, you will need to run SatSpy and re-enter your registration codes and your preferences.  Once you are satisfied that the patch is working correctly, you can delete your backup copies.

Download V4.03 Patch   (1,016 KByte)

Bugs Fixed in Version 4.03

  1. Added switch to turn off splash screen. Set ShowSplash in satspy.ini file:

    [Viewing Controls]
    ShowSplash=0 // off
    ShowSplash=1 // on
  2. Fixed bug in "Save As" dialog that caused an exception when closing the satellite group definition file.
  3. Fixed minor bug that gave erroneous pass information when using satellite groups in Skytrace selection dialog.
  4. Added dialog to "Save As" button to prompt user to save group file as default. If user says yes, the location of the file is written to the INI file and is used in future sessions to load satellite groups.
  5. Added View Cones item to Controls menu in 3D Orbit View
  6. Changed name of Reset to Reset Time in Controls Menu
  7. Changes style of D3dcon and Dgrtcon dialogs to compile under Delphi 5.
  8. There is a bug in the part of SatSpy that saves changes to the "groups.txt" file. Until I post a fix, you should avoid changing this file with SatSpy. You can edit the file using a text editor such as Notepad.

    The following steps show how to add a new group:

    1. Locate the "groups.txt" file and open it with a text editor.

    2. Paste the following lines to the end of the file

        G Space Stations
        S 16609 MIR
        S 25544 ISS Alpha

    3. Make sure that there are no extra blank lines at the end of the file.

    4. Save the file and restart SatSpy.

    5. You should see the group labeled "Space Stations" with the two satellites listed.

    6. Repeat the pattern above for as many groups and satellites you wish to add.

Bugs Fixed in Version 4.02

  1. SatSpy will not run properly under Windows NT 4.00.1381 - 22 December 200

Bugs Fixed in Version 4.01

  1. Satellite Name wrong color - 18 November 2000
  2. Elset Theory type doesn't "stick" - 22 November 2000
  3. Geosynchronous Limits don't work - 2 December 2000
  4. Local to UTC offset doesn't show on opening Viewing Location Dialog - 3 December 2000
  5. Memory Leaks - 15 December 2000
  6. Miscellaneous fixes - 15 December 2000


New Bug Reports

Title:  SatSpy will not run properly under Windows NT 4.00.1381 running Internet Explorer 5.50.4134.0600

Problem:  Several SatSpy windows generate "Range Check Errors" when the window is drawn or resized.  Furthermore, once the error occurs, the mouse cursor cannot be moved out of the main window client area.  The program must be terminated from the Windows Task Manager (ctrl-alt-delete).  This error appears to occur only on NT machines running IE 5.5.  I have tried it on at three NT machines, one was running IE 5.5 while the other two were running IE 4.0.   Only the machine running IE 5.5 seems to have the problem.

Explanation:  I do not know what is causing this particular problem.

Work Around:    I have no work around for this problem.  As soon as I do, I will post a fix.

Bugs Fixed in Version 4.01

Title:  Satellite name wrong color - -(FIXED V4.01)

Problem:  Satellite name in Viewing Opportunity window has the wrong background color.

Explanation: The background color for the text field should be black.  In certain circumstances, the background color was incorrect.

Work Around:    N/A


Title:  Elset Theory type doesn't "stick" - -(FIXED V4.01)

Problem:   Elset theory type of SGP4/SDP4 doesn't "stick" when viewing after save.   Save is actually done correctly, but the selected theory type is not correctly shown on subsequent viewings. 


Title:  Geosynchronous satellite window limits don't work -(FIXED V4.01)

Problem:   When you open the Geo Sats tab on the Preferences dialog, the settings are all zero.  Furthermore, you cannot edit the values. 

Work Around: 

Open the satspy.ini file and locate the [Sync Sat] section and replace the zeros with following values.  Save and restart SatSpy.   Don't try to edit the values from the Preferences dialog.

[Sync Sat]


Title:  Local to UTC offset -(FIXED V4.01)

Problem:  Local to UTC offset doesn't show on opening Viewing Location Dialog.  Values are correct, display shows 0.0 hours. 



Title:  Memory Leaks  -(FIXED V4.01)

Problem:  Fixed a number of memory leaks discovered in the Sky Globe window and the dialog boxes for editing satellite groups and the in memory location list.



Title:  Miscellaneous Bugs -(FIXED V4.01)

Problem:  I fixed a variety of other small things in the process of fixing the bugs.  These were cosmetic changes such as fixing minor discrepancies in the tab order on the SatSpy Preferences dialog.

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