Element Sets Files

The following links give you direct access to element sets from several different sources. Some of these are in ASCII format and other are in compressed binary formats. Acappella Publishing makes no guarantees as to the accuracy or age of the elsets.

From Acappella Publishing

This file is a concatenation of the Celestial Archive and Molczan elset files. The files are merged using the SatSpy Utilities to eliminate duplicate elsets (keeping the most recent) and then filtered to eliminate deep-space and high eccentricity satellites. This file is updated weekly, usually on Saturdays.

From the Celestial Archives

These are all ASCII files. When you save the elsets to file, it may be necessary to convert the files from UNIX format to DOS/Windows format. In UNIX format, lines are terminated by a single line feed character (LF). In DOS/Windows, lines are terminated by a carriage-return (CR) and line feed character. If you are a registered user, you can use the SatSpy Utilities to convert the files. Otherwise, try saving the file using your browser. This sometimes (for Netscape, at least), inserts the correct terminators.

You can also convert to DOS/Windows format using MS Word. Read the file, save as text with a different name, delete the old one. Make sure that Word doesn't give it a .txt extension; Windows Explorer's default settings don't show the extension!

These files are updated several times a week.

Last Update: 15 June 2001
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