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The demonstration version of SatSpy 4.0 is fully functional. You can try it free of charge for 30 non-consecutive days. If you like it and decide to register, I will send you a code to instantly unlock your demo copy into a fully licensed version, including the SatSpy Utilities. To download the SatSpy 4.0 demonstration, set your browser to "download to a file" and click on the links below.

Installation:  To install, run a utility such as WinZip to decompress the zipped files.   You can  install directly by executing Setup.exe from within WinZip.  (Winzip will decompress the installation files to a temporary folder on your hard-drive).  Alternatively,  you can unzip all of the files into a temporary folder and install from there, again by running the Setup.exe program.

Installation Method 1:    Unzip the contents of the two files on to separate diskettes, labeling one "SatSpy 4.03 - Disk 1", and the other "SatSpy 4.03 - Disk 2". Then insert Disk 1 into your floppy drive and run Setup.exe. When prompted, remove disk 1 and insert disk 2 and click on "Continue" to complete the installation.

Installation Method 2: Alternatively, you can unzip the contents of both zip files ( and into a single temporary folder on your hard drive and then run setup.exe from there.

Be sure to check the Bug Reports page.  It contains a list of problems that have been reported since Version 4.0 was released and any necessary work-arounds for known problems

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After you have had a chance to try SatSpy, I would love to hear what you think. Please send my an e-mail message or go to my comments page and fill out the comment form.

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