How to Run SatSpy

First, Start SatSpy

Small Image of SatSpy Icon WindowScreenshot of Main Window

When you download the demonstration version of SatSpy and install it on your system, it is installed as SatSpy 4.0 group under Programs (unless you choose otherwise during installation).  To run SatSpy, click Start, point to Programs followed by SatSpy 4.0 and click on the SatSpy icon.

Then, Set Your Viewing Location

Small Image of View ButtonScreenshot of Main Viewing Location Dialog

Before SatSpy can tell you where to look, you need to tell it where you are looking from. SatSpy lets you select from a large list of predefined viewing locations and time zones or enter your own latitude and longitude. The new Custom Location Dialog lets you use several common formats for entering geographic locations.

Last Update: 11/12/00
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