3D Orbit Views, Groundtraces and More

Screenshot of 3D Orbit View Window
The 3D Orbit View window shows a 3-dimensional view of a satellite's orbit.

Screenshot of Skyglobe Window QS_NEW!.GIF (125 bytes)
The Skyglobe window shows a 3-dimensional view of  the "Celestial Sphere" from the outside looking in.

Screenshot of Local Horizon Window QS_NEW!.GIF (125 bytes)
The Local Horizon window shows your local sky as an azimuth/elevation cartesian plot.   View the sky only, single or multiple skytraces or geostationary satellite positions.

Screenshot of Groundtrace Window
The Groundtrace window shows a satellite's path projected on the surface of the earth.

Screenshot of Geosynchronous Satellite Window
The Geosynchronous Satellite window shows you how to find the positions of geosynchronous satellites from your viewing location.

Screenshot of Rise/Set Dialog
SatSpy automatically computes sun rise and set times, along with the start and end times of civil, nautical and astronomical twilight.

Screenshot of Satellite Ephemeris Window
The Satellite Ephemeris window shows you the position and velocity of a satellite over a period of time that you select.  You can pick the units  of measurement that is most convenient for you.

Screenshot of Relative Motion Analysis Window
This window lets you analyze how two satellites move relative to each other.  You can find out how close the satellites come to each other, both in terms of angular separation and absolute distance.

Screenshot of Planetary Ephemeris Window
The Planetary Ephemeris window shows the right ascension and declination of the Sun, Moon or any of the planets supported by SatSpy.

Screenshot of Geosynchronous Satellite Position Window QS_NEW!.GIF (125 bytes)
This window summarizes the positions of all geosynchronous satellites loaded into memory.   You can choose to show all geosynchronous satellites or only those visible from your viewing location.

Screenshot of Elset Summary Window
Summaries of the loaded element sets are available, sorted to suite your needs, in the Elset Summary windows.

Screenshot of Right Ascension/Declination Window
The Right Ascension/Declination window shows the entire celestial sphere as a Cartesian plot.

Screenshot of Local Sky Window
The Local Sky window shows the sky as seen from your viewing location..

Screenshot of Viewing Opportunities Table
The Viewing Opportunities Table window gives you a summary of the viewing opportunities computed for the Single Skytrace, Viewing Opportunities and Multiple Skytraces windows.

Screenshot of Look Angles Window
The Look Angles window gives you the option to compute ephemeris data for any satellite regardless of whether or not a particular pass exists. This is especially useful for deep-space and geosynchronous satellites.

Screenshot of Text Editing Window
The Text Editing window gives you the capability to open and edit any file containing ASCII (text) data. It is especially useful for editing raw elset files. You can work with files up to 16 MBytes in size.

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